We are the first enterprise in Romania specialized in delivering turnkey financial accounting software, with professional customer support. We develop the best software solutions for business management, accounting, payroll, fixed assets, audit, revision and billing for over 25 years. In addition to our stable and easy to use software, we provide the most complex customer support services. Our over 25 years of experience mean:

  • Over 50 000 users;
  • Over 150 education and social responsibility projects;
  • The best financial accounting applications since 1991;
  • Most sold accounting software in Romania;
  • The best integrated financial accounting software: CIEL V7;
  • The complete solution to manage your business.

More than performance, CIEL Romania means evolution through innovation and vision. Our mission is to offer you the most proficient solutions in financial accounting, along with professional customer support services, in order to improve your business step by step, day by day. No matter what is your field of activity, together we will find the perfect solution for managing your business! Our values:

  • Professionalism– only the professional excellency guaranties sustainable success;
  • Performance – aiming to be the best is the engine of our evolution;
  • Partnership– we invest in long term business partnerships, based on loyalty & commitment

Our portfolio:

  • Our 3 range of products perfectly suit your demands:
    • Simplu– CIEL Simplu is a FREE application, especially designed for new enterprises. It is comprised of the following modules: Accounting, Business Management, Fixed Assets, and Production;
    • Standard– Range designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that need an integrated solution for financial accounting management or that seek to reduce the costs generated by other applications;
    • Professional – is created for accounting enterprises, multinational corporations or companies with high turnover rates. The applications provide comprehensive analysis and reporting solutions that help you make sound decisions in order to increase the efficiency of your business. Moreover, the applications can be customized on request so they fold perfectly with your business!
  • Our 3 subscription types offer you unlimited access to technical assistance by phone, legal updates, function optimizations, CIEL forum, and many other facilities for special prices:
    • Standard;
    • Gold;
    • VIP.

Find out more by contacting our Commercial Department: 021 – 201 53 20; sales@ciel.ro!