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Renew subscription



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Nomenclature Management

Document Management


Application Configuration

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[av_row row_style=''][av_cell col_style='']Subscription 200 RON[/av_cell][/av_row]

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Price does not include VAT.
Subscription contract is not mandatory. The use of CIEL Simple application is not contingent upon getting a subscription contract.
The subscription for CIEL Simple provides you with:


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For a quick setup, please follow the steps below. These are necessary due to checks and limitations set by Microsoft programs which are integrated in CIEL applications:

For your comfort, we offer the possibility to be assisted by a dedicated technician during the setup process.

Please fill out the form below:


Suntem prima companie din Romania specializata in solutii software financiar-contabile la cheie, insotite de servicii profesionale de Asistenta Tehnica. De peste 25 de ani, dezvoltam cele mai performante programe de contabilitate, gestiune comerciala, salarii, imobilizari, audit, revizuire si facturare. In completarea aplicatiilor software stabile, usor de utilizat, perfect adaptate afacerii tale, iti asiguram cele mai complexe servicii de Asistenta Tehnica. Cei peste 25 de ani de experienta inseamna:
  • Peste 50 000 de utilizatori;
  • Peste 150 de proiecte educationale si de responsabilitate sociala;
  • Cele mai bune aplicatii software financiar-contabile din 1991;
  • Cel mai vandut software de contabilitate din Romania;
  • Cel mai performant software financiar-contabil integrat: CIEL V7;
  • Cel mai complex portofoliu de servicii;
  • Solutia completa pentru gestiunea afacerii tale.

span itemprop="telephone">021 9341


Bulevardul Unirii, Nr.11, sector 4,040102 Bucuresti RO